SLE Technology


Continuous Cleaning Systems

SLE Continuous Cleaning Systems are designed for cleaning, etching and passivating aluminium foils and –strips. Ten meters of strips (up to 600 mm in width) can be precleaned, etched, passivated and dried within one minute. Rinsing modules are integrated in between the steps.

  • Cleaning chamber
  • Etching- and passivating module
  • Cascade rinsing
  • Rinsing module
  • Drying module
  • Alkaline spray-cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Steam module

Further advantages:

  • Inline cleaning process
  • Automatic strip intake
  • Self-sufficient system
  • Integrated water- and medium treatment
  • Integrated filtration

Continuous Preservation System

SLE continuous preservation system is designed for lubricating/preservating single parts as well as assemblies, even whole engine blocks in one or selectively. By means of two-component jets parts are beeing lubricated contact-free. The surplus of oil dust is sucked off, filtered and re-used in the process.

  • Contact-free oiling
  • Selective lubrication possible
  • Integrable cleaning circuit
  • Implementation of specialised applications

Further advantages:

  • Integrable into manufactoring processes
  • Closed circuit
  • Environmental friendly
  • Integrated oil-separator
  • Flow control


Analysing Laboratory

In order to meet the requirement of the ”particulate contamination of functionally relevant automotive components” the cleaned components must be inspected according to the ”technical cleanliness of VDA 19 respectively of ISO 16232” or customized guidelines examined.

  • Analysis accompanying the process
  • Quick evaluation
  • Steered process cycle
  • Callable analysis prescriptions
  • Automatic blank value determination
  • Single circle system
  • Flow rate-optimized extraction basins
  • Swing-out analysis back-up
  • Pneumatic canopy
  • Heights adjustable extraction basin

Technical Data:

Dimension L x B x H (Extraction cabinet)2000 mm x 950 mm x 2100 mm
Electrical supply 230 V, 2 KVA
Compressed air supply DN 7.2 plug connection, ca. 5 bar
Basic frame Stainless steel frame, adjustable leveling feet
Working container ca. 50 litres