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It is well known that the best results in the field of industrial parts degreasing are obtained by using organic chlorinated solvents,such as perchloroethylene. Despite this advantage, we must consider the fact that chlorinated solvents endanger people’s health as well as the environment. This determined the EU to issue restrictive rules in as far as toxic emissions are concerned. The use of chlorinated solvents for degreasing machines processes is allowed only on condition that emissions are strictly controlled, within closed systems. The German company EVT is famous for manufacturing cleaning machines that meet all the above mentioned strict requirements.

The site of EVT company is www.evt-gmbh.eu

A household name
Hundreds of EVT machines are used for degreasing various industrial parts all over the world, including the smallest devices used in dental implants, as welll as cogged wheels weighing several tons. The wide range of cleaning machines responds to the needs of small jewellery producers and also to the demands of world leaders in aeronautics or in thermal processing.


NANO: for small industrial parts, volumes and charge

BAMBINO: for small industrial parts, for medium volumes, multiple uses

LIMPIO: for several industrial parts, large volume, highly automated

GIGANT: for large industrial parts, big volumes, heavy weight, for “gigantic” volumes, on small surfaces

Frontal-vertical charging

combines the advantages of frontal charging with the safety of the vertical charging of a processing chamber, whose top solvent level is below the charging door. This avoids the accidents that can be caused by the solvent, due to careless/incorrect opening of the door.The EVT automatic cleaning machines belonging to LIMPIO series have always been built this way, but with BAMBINO and GIGANT models you can choose between the vertical (Toplader) or frontal-vertical charging versions.

Multiple chambers models

are available for the series GIGANT and LIMPIO. Different processes can be carried on simultaneously and completely independently in both chambers of the same machine. For the GIGANT series, the so-called chamber-into-chamber versions can be manufactured. This design responds to the customers’ need to degrease large parts or large quantities of industrial parts in small charges and, at the same time, small industrial parts that have to be degreased through immersion and ultrasound.The smaller processing chamber placed inside the large one reduces the quantity of solvent that is needed, and consequently, the power of the installed ultrasound generator, which results in significant efficiency.

Processing chambers at customer’s request

are manufactured individually at the customer’s request and they range from a few liters to hundreds of cube metres capacity. There is a multitude of options for the interior design of these chambers, far more than this brief presentation is able to mention: spinning, tipping at variable angles, vertical or horizontal oscillation, spraying, high pressure spraying, manual or automatic spraying, immersion with or without ultrasound etc. At your request, degreasing tests for your own industrial parts can be scheduled and – if there are no conflicts of interest or of competition involved – EVT equipment can be viewed in our customers’ plants.

Maximum safety

EVT equipment is in line with the European VOC environmental regulations and with the national by-laws. Safety during the degreasing processes is the main target for the designers of these machines. The machines are equipped with FRONTAL-VERTICAL charging devices for the places where frontal charging is required by the production flow; this means that the frontal charging is followed by safe vertical lowering of the industrial part in the processing chamber.


“In keeping with the cusomer’s wishes and needs” means, first of all, to respect the parameters of size and weight, to be adjusted to the particular processes and to consider the specifics linked to the treatment or handling of the parts that are to be cleaned. Secondly, flexibility means adjusting the equipment to the space limitations of the shop floor.

Good price

The special equipment produced by EVT is, in fact, standard equipment. The modular system enables the manufacturing of complex machines at a good price. The only thing that standard equipment and the resulting customized equipment still have in common is the good price.

Simplified maintenance

From the early stages of the designing of these machines, the maximum accessibility to all the components and to all maintenance areas is extremely important. For several years, EVT has conducted remote checking of the equipment through modem connection all over the world, so the maintenance personnel’s intervention is substantially reduced.

Simple operating systems

The touchpanels ensure the use of several languages, as well as the possibility to switch the language. A logical structure of commands makes command errors almost impossible.

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