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ARP – swarf recycling and logistic

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Swarf recycling, as well as the recycling of any metal or plastic waste, is paramount for the environmental protection and it also represents an important profit source.

The German company ARP is specialized in swarf processing and swarf transport machines production; the company has been a world class producer in this field for over 25 years.

ARP offers you the complete recycling system, starting with the devices used at the swarf production site and ending with the machines used in the re-melting process:

  • collecting
  • grinding/cutting/pumping
  • transport by vacuum or by using the technological liquids used in the processing operations
  • centrifugal drying
  • separation
  • storage

The grinding, cutting and clipping of various materials, such as cables, glass, woodwork splittings, aluminium cans, tyres, paper, oil filters, plastic cans, barrels, punchings, carcasses, electronic boards, hard-disks, computer parts, household waste represent essential intermediary steps in the challenging present day recycling and environmental protection fields, for which ARP offers efficient solutions.

Aluminium recycling is another important field where ARP systems are used. As a world leader in this field, APR provides his customers with continuum aluminium recycling systems that ensure the re-melting of swarf and of other waste material with minimum losses. The aluminium wheel rims manufacturers are an eloquent example in this respect.

Here are some names from the much longer list of outstanding customers:

– AAG Austria Alu-Guß Ges. m.b.H
– Adam Opel AG
– Airbus Deutschland GmbH
– Alutec Metallwaren GmbH & Co.
– Audi AG
– BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG
– Borbet
– Bosch Rexroth – Brüninghaus
– Car Image Co. Ltd
– Daimler Chrysler AG
– Gero GmbH
– General Motors

– Handtmann GmbH & Co.KG – IBT GmbH
– IMS Gear Automotive
– Konzelmann GmbH
– Kronprinz Aluguss GmbH
– Lupold Hydrotechnik GmbH
– MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH
– Rhode & Schwarz
– Ronal
– Sihn
– Weiss
– Weisser St. Georgen
Processing parameters:
grinding: 100 – 4.000 g/min
pumping: 80 – 4.000 l/min
swarf conveying: 0,1 – 30 kg/min
LRU pumping: 100 – 2.000 l/min

At the bottom of this page you will find detailed descriptions of the ARP products, which can be downloaded.

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