About us

We live in a world where quality is an essential component of success on the market. The cleaning, degreasing or finishing of industrial parts, having in view, at all times,the protection of the environment
and of the companies’ personnel have become defining quality criteria, and consequently, they ensure the success of your company.

MB TRADING, is a reliable company specialized in solving problems related to cleaning / degreasing / drying of industrial parts and of industrial parts packaging, in deburring and finishing of industrial parts, in cleaning industrial waste water, in the processing and transport of swarf. We are also an experienced machines and equipment trader that provides cleaning devices perfectly adjusted to your needs.

MB TRADING, an efficient and highly qualified interface.

Programul de maşini este completat de activităţi de consultanţă, service, mentenanţă, punere în funcţiune sau ofertare de piese de schimb şi consumabile.

The company locations in Romania and Austria facilitate fast access to the manufacturing companies located in Germany and Austria. Our offer identifies us : a large experience, top brands’ references, know-how in all the fields we have mentioned above, direct, on site support from the manufacturers, top technology and equipment recognized all over the world and last, but not least, competence.

To all of the above, we must add our close cooperation with you, our customer, and with the companies we represent, as well as our respect for the environment, which is so important for us and for the future generations.

eng. Marius Breaz
manager MB TRADING

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Spalarea, degresarea, uscarea si conservarea pieselor, o provocare! Revista Tehnica si Tehnologie

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